I just wanted to thank you for your workshop on the weekend with Peter Fernando and yourself I loved the way you led us.
During the workshop with my eyes closed I realised you put your hand on my back and I felt a heat where I had lower back pain. At the time a definite heat came from your hand and it stayed in my back even after your hand was gone . Then I realised the pain had gone away and I had been healed. It is still good days afterwards. Thank you so much!
Totally wonderful!!
— Elizabeth March

"The universe consists entirely of waves of motion which spring from stillness and return to stillness" Walter Russel (American Polymath)

Shin Yoga is becoming the fluid, following the waves forms, recognising the blocks and releasing them.



Discover the anatomical, kinesthetic and energetic relationships within the body, and between the body and breath, that are at the heart of a somatic practice.

Yoga connects us to our centre, helping us find softness and fluidity in the places we are rigid. As we gain flexibility on our mats, we are also reminded to create space for more fluidity—and less rigidity—in our daily lives.

As we grow stronger in our ability to simultaneously open and support ourselves, we develop an ability to align instead of a determination to reach a finished alignment.


No one part of the body compresses or congeals against any other part - so we have maximum freedom to move
— Joan Skinner



The Practice:

Drawing on the developmental postures of Shin Somatics, Skinner Releasing principles, Body Mind Centering, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy and somatic practice Shin Yoga focuses on opening and lengthening the body and quietening the mind. Based on the founding principle of Yoga – to create balance - we begin with balancing the nervous system and endocrine system, using asanas and pranayama inspired for healing and inner reflection. 

Help manage stress, learn to wind down and create a space to just BE in your body.  This is a transformative practice. 

Suitable for those new to yoga, or for long-time yogis needing a more embodied gentle practice. Fabulous for those recovering from illness or injury, those in the later stages of the life cycle, pregnancy or post-natal mums or those in relax mode. Shin Yoga moves gently through the postures with a focus on healing, restoration and revitalisation. 

Shin Yoga moves towards deep and profound relaxation in body, mind and spirit.

Experience the quiet mind of DIVINE NEUTRALITY

“By returning through movement to our fluid origins of ocean, cell and womb, we recapitulate and keep innovating our whole being. Utilizing biological rhythms both in the medium of water and also by way of fluid-evoking movements and sounds, we activate the bio-intelligence of life and enter into the mysterious process of renewal. In contrast to the mechanical model of health, which tells us that if it can’t be fixed it must be replaced, waking up and recognising that we are living processes, not objects, ignite our innate potential for growth and healing”
— Liz Koch

The class was such a beautiful blissful mix of a meditative space, which allowed the deep kind of stretching my body loves with a massage for my mind as well which left me feeling light, lithe and fulfilled. Thank you!
— Liz Kirkman - actress and craniosacral therapist

Tonight’s class unlocked something very deep within me
— Melissa Irace - Marketing manager
“Meditation is the journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness, from a limited identity to unlimited space.”
— - Sri Ravi Shankar