Self-Compassion - 1 day retreat


Self-Compassion - 1 day retreat


A day retreat on 6th December 2020 with Wilhemeena Monroe and Peter Fernando - this day retreat will explore ways to access compassion for the self and how to extend from that place into compassion for the world. Includes a delicious organic vegan lunch. A perfect way to slide into the silly season grounded and compassionate.

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A SHIN YOGA and INSIGHT MEDITATION 2-DAY RETREAT with Peter Fernando (Author of Finding Freedom in Illness) and Wilhemeena Monroe (Founder of the SOUL CENTRE)

One day: (Saturday only) $170 - includes delicious organic lunch

Two days $250 - includes delicious organic lunches both days

A perfect time to rest and start the festive season with self-compassion, contemplation and stillness.

Access Living Loving Presence.

Cultivating self-compassion is a necessary component of deepening our meditation and life practices. It is only when we can receive our own sense of self from an open, generous and warm-hearted position that we can begin to really see who and how we are in all our wonderous complexities, as individuals and as communities.

Drawing from Willa’s training in somatic therapeutics, yoga and movement fundamentals and ritual and Peter’s background in Insight meditation and mindfulness, this workshop will explore the profound potential for transformation and self-knowledge that this radical practice can have.

Willa and Peter have taught retreats together for over 5 years in New Zealand and abroad- cultivating and encouraging people to unlock, unwind, unravel and become their most true selves. Together we heal.